Just Supposed

Oil on Canvas

20" x 16"

In the late Spring of 2013, after a cold Yorkshire Winter, I began to travel to various cities for nourishment and inspiration. The main one London, because why not start at the top. Not that I was running out of ideas – I just wanted to disturb ones that were starting to feel too comfortable. I found this hungry, wide eyed attitude to bode well with the new land and started working with this new theme of being an observer and the consequent observations. These ideas culminated into looking directly in to the nature of juxtaposition itself, becoming a powerful viewpoint. Life is filled with dichotomies, this piece being a noteable start to exploit them in visual mediums, similar to the way every living piece of nature plays. A specific, popular example, being the complex interactions that arise from many unique lifes inhabiting a similar place.

Just supposed… Abstracting City life with the lost cubist. Self imposed values of feeling in a stone filled lifeless place; I became myself capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter.


Prints available.


Original for sale with Guerilla Galleries.