Oil on Canvas

20" x 16"


Whilst travelling underground…

You may have noticed my subtle references to people and the constant need to be online in my other art pieces. Here is a questionable piece,  found deep under the city of London. I felt there should be some kind of artistic merit, as if iphones could be some exciting torch in a darkened cave, but there was none. Infact the opposite – the soft hum of imagination being sapped. Just the fear of daydreaming or a stranger’s eyes. It was interesting enough to note and reconstruct in this unique piece, leaning more towards the figurative charge. This piece relies heavily on pushing the observer away with a contrasted bar and no place for the eyes to sit in the empty, uninviting right quarter of the image. My intentions are to bring motion and contrast to a situation. It is abstracted in a way to give feeling and life to the scene. The composition and colour balance are used to represent the real time nature of such awkward viewing/observing, never letting the eyes rest on the subject and the overall motion outweighing that of a fidgeting traveller. This piece is partially aimed at those who are constantly deeply immersed in their phones and gadgets, never sparing a cheeky peep at their fellow travellers. Next time you’re travelling keep an eye out for those who are “Biting Nails on Public Transport”

The face of public transport changes – people become almost muted between the stationed stages of their life. Most passengers use technology as a talisman to ward off boredom and interaction. This piece is a timeless study of those yet to adjust.