Welcome to, digital workplace of UK contemporary artist and painter Dan Fox.

Dan Fox artist.

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Artist engrossed with the simultaneous study of abstract and figurative realms. Main use: address human conditions/conditioning via a subtle blend of literal and metaphorical info: using colour and shape to charge representational depictions and vice versa. Two dimensional art filled with simple situational puzzles, produced in a style catch curious eyes, to abruptly enter the mind, without the thought’s permission,┬ábefore sharply leaving, giving insight into the subconcious nature of the world whilst developing and taunting mastery of its use and application. For better or for worse.

stimulate, transfer.

  • Painting from photographs to generate bespoke items of art in stylised or realistic forms.
  • Generation of non-portraiture art based on suggested themes or ideas.
  • Bespoke commissions within existing ranges.
  • Illustration and creative design.
  • Sale of existing work.

Dan Fox