Welcome to my watercolour section.

This medium took its own category mainly due to the nature of the materials and techniques. I feel watercolour to be quite a different experience against other mediums – mainly due to limitations and restrictions, such as the paper’s limited capacity for holding paint. For many reasons, watercolour paintings naturally come out a bit lighter, open, unlayered, emptier and seemingly not as worked as the other mediums. If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll notice how a white background in oils or acrylics is rare within my style. Watercolours are my medium for making the most of the white background, as paper may be left untouched and respond far better than uncovered canvas. Also, the watercolour isn’t as thirsty for light as the other pigments, quite content to sit on white.

Unlike canvas, paper cannot take heavy and continued experimentation; the brush requires a greater sense of discernment and planning; watercolours feel like an absolute extension of nature, compared to oils or acrylics, which to me, are an approach to using fluid metrics to master chaos. Something beautiful can come from an extensive battle fought on the canvas with acrylic or oil, but within watercolour, the painting must be constructed within a finite amount of calculated moves and executed. For this reason, I favour this medium for studies and would like to share some of the work, but also to acknowledge that the nature of these minimal projects, are at times, not quite stand alone pieces, yet play important roles in my art, allowing me to present them not only loosely, but also at an affordable price point. The pieces are complete, but far simpler and less time consuming. This aspect makes watercolours a great investment for collectors worldwide – highly limited studies which serve the backbone of my life and work.